Public Appearances

Dr. Naila Keleta-Mae has more than 20 years of public speaking experience.

2017      April, 21, 2017. 2:30-3:30pm Room: Wirth-A 832. Conference Paper. “Beyoncé: Performing Black Feminism.” Conference Title: “Bodies in Difference: Race and Performance in and beyond North America.” Montreal, Canada.

2017      Distinguished Guest Speaker. University of Waterloo International Women’s Day Dinner. Waterloo, Canada.

2016      Guest Speaker. Courageous Voices Play. EAST Alternative School. Toronto, Canada.

2016      Keynote Address. Women To Women Conference. Waterloo Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Waterloo, Canada.

2016      Keynote Address. Challenging Oppression Conference. Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Toronto, Canada.

2016      Conference Paper. “Politics, Performance and Facebook.” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Conference “Disruptions Conference.” Waterloo, Canada.

2016      Plenary Panelist. “Beyond the Hashtag: Race in the Postsecondary Classroom.” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies, “Disruptions Conference”. Waterloo, Canada.

2015      Guest Speaker. “Education, Women and Leadership.” U-Talks: for the love of the world. United Church Ideas Festival, Toronto, Canada.

2015      Performance Poet. Words Aloud Spoken Word Festival, Durham, Canada (forthcoming).

2015      Keynote Address. “Women and Leadership.” Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

2013      Guest Speaker. “Imagine & Do: How Secrets Destroy Us.” Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

2012      TEDx Talk. “Imagine & Do: Naila Keleta-Mae at TEDx UW ” University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada.

2012      Performance Poet. When Sisters Speak Spoken Word Concert. Presented by Up From the Roots. St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts. Toronto, Canada.

2012      Guest Speaker. “Reflections on Female Blackness in Canada.” Ebenezer United Church, Toronto, Canada.

2011      Performance Poet. “Be A Mystic” Nia Centre. Beaver Hall Gallery. Toronto, Canada.

2011      Performance Poet. Women Elementary Teachers LGBTQ Conference, presented by Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. Toronto, Ontario.

2010      Performer and creator in collaboration with Rebecca Foon and Pohanna Pyne-Feinberg. “on love: an experimental performance installation.” Presented by Engrenage Noir/LEVIER, Montréal Arts Interculturels, Montreal, Canada.

2010      Guest Speaker. “Toujours Sur la Scène: Féminin et Noire au Canada,” Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada.

2009      Singer-songwriter. bloom  (full-length album). Naila Keleta-Mae. MP3