A “Barbaric Cultural Practices Tip Line?” What in the ever-living hell is going on? Today Conservatives announced that if re-elected they will establish a tip line so that people can report “incidents of barbaric cultural practices” or “notify authorities that a child or a woman is at risk of being victimized.”

So this is about saving women and children? This, from a Prime Minister who when asked about a formal inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women said “it isn’t really high on our radar.” This, in a country where women still earn less than men for the same work.

Last week, the flames of racism were stoked by talks of niqabs at citizenship ceremonies, a couple of days it ago it was talks of removing citizenship from convicted terrorists and today gasoline was poured on the fire with the promise to create a “Barbaric Cultural Practices Tip Line.”

Here’s what alarms me most, Conservatives poll numbers have gone up over the past week. Voters are buying in to this “us against the terrorist, Muslim, brown, men-and-the-women-they-control” campaign strategy. It’s racist, it’s patriarchal and it has no place in a general election in my Canada.


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