Don’t call it a refugee crisis or a migrant crisis.

When millions of people risk their lives and leave behind all that they know of and dream for their homeland it means that we have a global crisis. The people fleeing are victims. They are victims of war, geography, resources, history, religion, imperialism, language, and all of the unspoken reasons used to justify why only some people deserve foodie food, purified water, on-trend clothing, interior-designed shelter, perennial peace and do-it-if-you-feel-like-it education.

The world is on fire and fire is hard to smell when the issues at stake are as complexly interwoven as their solutions. Fire is even harder to see in endless news cycles and boundless digital sharing. But, fire is easy to feel when images that arrest our breath circulate on timelines. In those brief moments of feeling we are reminded of our shared humanity and emboldened to imagine a just world.

I will be an informed voter on October 19, because our votes are a tool with which we can connect our feelings with our imagination.


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